Popsicle Silicone Teether (2 colors)

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You and baby will be feeling all the cool vibes with the KicPops Popsicle Teether. Everyone loves a popsicle and no popsicle is more stylish than this tasty pop! This non toxic, food grade silicone teether is super safe for baby to chew and teeth on and oh so fun to play with! Who said teethers have to be boring? The teething process can be a difficult one, but Three Hearts Apparel is here to help you in a super fun and modern way.

The KicPops Popsicle Teether will make stylish gifts for baby a breeze to shop for.  In the shape of a popsicle with a bite taken out of it, the front of the popsicle has raised swirls and the back has raised hearts. This difference in texture will help soothe and stimulate the gums while keeping baby happy and occupied. The Kicpops Popsicle Teether is even long enough to reach those way in the back molars that can be difficult to get to. 

- 100% certified food grade
- N
on-toxic silicone (BPA, cadmium, phthalates, PVC and lead free)


Silicone does not support the growth of bacteria or mold, so you can be rest assured that there are no nasty germs. All of our products are able to be cleaned easily in warm soapy water.


This item should only be used with adult supervision. Small parts may pose a choking hazard.

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